Where the NDIA as well as the NDIS are meant to ensure that participants , their caregivers and families overall has the appropriate resources for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, it must also be noted that all resources being limited require stringent planning and procedures to ensure the 4million plus Australians have access to the services.

Due to this reason, an extra 10% loading has been introduced for service providers and this is meant to ensure that services continue to be delivered without interruptions to individuals .Also, it needs to be mentioned, that this on-loading is temporary, meant only for the pandemic.

Considering the nature of services and challenges presented by the pandemic, the NDIA is maintaining strict checks on the allocation and subsequent use of resources as well as keeping in touch with participants and service providers during this pandemic.

For this reason, the on loading has been implemented to make sure that no participant is left out or impacted because of this additional loading. For this purpose, if anyone at any time feels the current plan or remaining support/resources are not sufficient or adequate to cover their support resulting from the effects of the pandemic , participants can request the NDIA to review current arrangement by contacting the NDIA for support.

With this, the NDIA also wants to make public, its efforts of contacting the 60,000 plus participants who are impacted, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These calls are meant to maintain a healthy check and balance, on people.

For more information, the NDIS would like to offer you more information, here.

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We take all our customer queries serious and respond in a timely manner.