Disability support coordination

Using a wide range of Disability support coordination, Disability support services and Disability supports, we can help you get involved in the community, enroll in skill-based programs, improve your health and well-being, finding suitable accommodation and much more.

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We help our clients by: ​

  • 1- Conducting an assessment of support needs.
  • 2- Planning to identify goals.
  • 3- Providing information, support, advocacy and coordination to meet goals.
  • 4- Initiating referrals and coordination of services. ​​

Disability support coordination

Disability Support Coordination

Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to connect and Disability support coordinate informal, mainstream and funded disability supports in a complex service delivery environment. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in a participant’s network and coordinating supports from a range of sources.

disability support coordination, disability support services

Skills Development

Our skills development program is about getting out into your community. People want to be around their home base , but some people want to get out into the community and join in activities that interest them. This helps to motivate themselves and overcome their disability misconception.

Everyday Support at Home

It doesn’t matter if the support you need is at home, or in the community. We’ll sit down with you, work out exactly the type of support you need and provide a support worker that’s been matched with you. At home, we can cook, clean, or support you in any way you need. This is what you exactly need it to be.

Case Management

Do you need help achieving your goals? ​

Our case managers provide ongoing support to our clients to help them develop their independence and maximise their quality of life. Our person-centred approach uses compassionate and personalised services to help our clients fulfil their needs and their goals. ​

Disability support coordination

Disability support coordination

Disability support coordination

Community Access & Transport

With one of our caring staff by your side, we can help you get out and about to participate in social activities, sport or to catch up with friends and family. Our staff regularly assist people to join in a wide range of activities and community events including

We also provide Overnight or around the clock support is available for people with complex or multiple support needs. Our skilled and experienced staff can provide a wide range of supports during the day or night including but not limited to:

  • implementation of behaviour support strategies
  • medication administration
  • hoist/transfer support
  • personal care
  • assistance to engage in activities and appointments outside the home.


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