In these difficult times, with the Covid-19 outbreak, agencies, and organizations from all over Australia, have come together to adapt and change the way support is provided across the board. It is apparent that the issue of resources has been brought to the fore and Government has announced a raft measures and packages to deal with the crisis.

For this purpose, over 70 different service providers and advocate groups and the larger community have come together and are working together for change ensuring that vulnerable groups are not left out and this includes priority shopping for people with disabilities and the elderly . With that, Kuna Care is also adopting initiatives and a framework of continuing essential services during the pandemic.

This comes after Australians, especially people living with disabilities, their supports and significant others and advocates have voiced concerns about lack of inclusion and support specifically meant for these crucial times.

With the following framework Kuna Care aims to deliver a greater and more accessible service base for people accessing our services, the framework’s goals are:

1. Ensured & continued support for people with disability

2. Creation of communication channels for exchange of information across all levels of public

3. Facilitate supports and access to general health support and accessing other mainstream mental health supports.

4. Enable inclusion by alerting the public of the dangers people with disability experience

5. Define what “essentials” means to people with disability, especially in these times

6. Update our policies and procedures through adopting the Covid19 policy

7. Ensure training for all our support workers in Infection control training

8. Ensuring that PPE is available where the need is identified through working with health experts and professionals

This set of aims and goals are meant to enhance service provisioning and access to people , all the while keeping in mind that the Corona Virus outbreak is a National disaster and we continue to work with relevant authorities and health experts while we do our work.

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We take all our customer queries serious and respond in a timely manner.