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The Transport Accident Commission, commonly abbreviated as TAC is the Victorian state agency meant to provide support and insurance in response to accidents and injuries incurred on Victorian roads including but limited to providing third party personal liability insurance. The idea behind TAC was to make sure that anyone who gets an injury on Victorian roads, will be duly taken care of. The main aim of TAC is to help increase road safety, reduce road accidents and help get effected Australians back to living their life.

How it works

As part of the state program, each motorist and/or motor-vehicle owner pays a tax, referred to as a transport accident charge. This is where the TAC receives its funding from. Following this, if at any point, someone receives injuries due to a traffic collision or accident, the TAC steps in and provides insurance, financial aid or support otherwise.

The TAC’s Who’s Who

TAC is headed by members of the Victorian community. The members of the board are selected from the residents of the state of Victoria, experts in the field of transport, health, operational logistics and many more. The board’s job is to report to the NDIS and other state and federal institutions and secure future resources for the continued and effective operations of the commission.

What Services are Covered under TAC?

TAC has two ways of operating with emergency services not tied to the idea of you informing the TAC first. These services include but are not limited to the following:

1. Ambulance
2. Medical (Some Services, Not All)
3. Pharmacy
4. Allied & Mental Health
5. Interpreting Services
6. Basic Support Equipment

The clinical framework employed at TAC takes into account the treatment or service procured in view of the clinical account and the nature of the injuries sustained, before reimbursing injured civilians. It should be noted, that the above mentioned services will be made available without notifying TAC first, however compensation only gets delivered on the basis of the framework. For special treatment, such as in the case of psychiatric procedures, the professionals maybe asked to fill out a treatment plan before any consideration.

For Providers

TAC registration is a must for every provider which needs to effectively be able to conduct service provisioning, whether logistics-related or treatment-specific. This allows the service provider to be insured and financially backed by TAC as well as helps TAC and providers share information and collaborate on a range of topics and issues.



support coordination agency

support coordination agency

support coordination agency


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