Kuna Care was conceived with a key focus on long-term partnership and service provider and not to be a one stop shop to those who require our services and support. Take a minute to read about Positive outcomes framework and how we can work together for change.

Get To Know Us Better

Living with disabilities, life can be anything but fulfilling. Therefore, Kuna Care wants to become a partner for a meaningful partnership and not just another service provider. Read More.

Who Kuna Care Is For

The idea behind Kuna Care is to work with people to support them live independent lives and we understand that often there is barriers which may impact individuals from achieving their goals , at Kuna-care we work with you and your significant others to finding solutions and we emphasise on working together for change . To find out about eligibility for NDIS for you or your loved one please , click here for more information.

Post-Eligibility Access

Accessing Kuna Care’s services, we aim to plan out the service provided so it can be continued in the most practical manner for you, your community as well as Kuna Care’s continued operations. Find out what options you can access based off of your eligibility, here.

I have my plan what do I do next?

Once you have your NDIS plan in place, we work with you to implement the plan as well as delivering services to you or your loved ones. Find out what other options you can access if you are not eligible for the NDIS plan , Click Here.

Getting started with Kuna Care

Once a plan is in place, there are many ways of going about it. We have professionals as well as guidance personnel who can help you get started implement your plan and deliver services whether in your life, or for your loved ones. Read More.

Support planning

We structure our Care and Support Planning process using person-centred thinking tools, to help people to think about the following questions:

1- What is important to you?
2- What do you want to change?
3- How will you arrange your support?
4- How will you spend your money?
5- How will you manage your support?
6- How will you stay in control?
7- What will you do next?
Read More.

Maintaining the Vision

Making the plan work for you is only possible with timely reviews of how well it serves its purpose. This is essential in ensuring that services are delivered as planned and meets high quality standards. More resources.

What is a Person-Centered Review?

A Person-Centered Review uses person-centered thinking tools to explore what is happening from the person’s perspective and from other people’s perspectives. This results in outcomes and actions for person-centered change and ensures that a range of people are involved when the review is happening, and that their views and ideas are recorded in a structured, step-by-step way. Under the NDIS this processes involves yourself, family, planners , Support coordinators and other stakeholders.

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If you would like more information or have a query, please pitch us. We take all our customer queries serious and respond in a timely manner.


We take all our customer queries serious and respond in a timely manner.